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*Surname: Foht, Foth, Vogt, Voht, Voth or any translation of the name.

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*Maria's parents:

Peter Voth Sr. grew up near Waldheim.
Siblings include
Peter Voth Sr. died in either 1908 or 1918 in Russia.

Susannah ?'s (possibly Goertzen or Adrian???) siblings include:
Susannah died at the age of 63 in Russia.


*Our family is hoping to learn more about our mother and grandmother, Mary Fleming, nee Maria Voth. We know very little about her life before she came to Canada in 1926. It is believed that Maria was born in Berdjansk, October 5, 1900 in the Molotschna colony in South Russia. We know that she was only one of several children, but we are not sure of the exact number. Besides Maria, it is believed that there was also Susannah, Helena, Peter, Johann, and possibly Elizabeth. Maria may have been raised in Mariawohl and her obituary states that she was baptized in Landskrone at age 18. She married Johann (John) Fleming (Flaming) in Konteniusfeld in 1924. Together with their infant son Jacob, this young couple immigrated to Canada in 1926, eventually settling in Alberta where they farmed until the mid 1950's when they moved to Abbotsford BC.

Her parents were Susannah and Peter Voth. Maria spoke of two different maiden names, Goertzen and Adrian, but we are unsure if they should be attributed to Maria's mother or her grandmother. Peter Sr. grew up near Waldheim and had brothers Andreas, David, Johann & Henry. Susannah had brothers Johann, Cornelius, and Peter. It is believed that Susannah (mother) died at the age of 63 in Russia and Peter, Sr. (father) died in either 1908 or 1918 in Russia as well. Two of Maria's sisters are thought to have died of either starvation or poisoning and a brother was killed in a Village 'purge'. Maria's sister-in-law and her children may have escaped to South America. We know from immigration documents that Maria's brother Peter was still alive and living in Konteniusfeld in 1926. It is believed that the rest of Maria's family perished during the revolution.

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Surname Descriptions

English: ethnic name for someone from Flanders. In the Middle Ages there was considerable commercial intercourse between England and the Netherlands, particularly in the wool trade, and many Flemish weavers and dyers settled in England. The word reflects an Anglo Norman French form of Old French flamenc, from the stem flam- the German suffix -ing.
Flemming, Flemyng. Fleeming, Fleeman, Flamank, Flament, Flement, Le Fleming; Flanders, Flinders.
German.: Flaming, Flem(m)ing, Flahming, Flehmig; Flemisch; Flander
Dutch: Vlaming.
Patrs.: Dutch Fleminks Flemish.: Vleminckx

German: occupational name for a bailiff or farm manager, High German voget (LL advocatus, past part. of advocare to call up (to help); cf. Avogadro). The term originally described someone who appeared before a court on behalf of some party not permitted to make direct representations, often an ecclesiastical body which was not supposed to have any dealings with temporal authorities.
Vogt, Voi(g)t, Voigh(t), Vauth, Voth, Faut(h), Fath(mann),
Low German: Voogd, Vagd. Flem.,
Dutch: (De) Voogd, (De) Voogt, De Vocht, Vagt.
Low German: Vogts, Vogting.
Dutch.: Vagts, Vagedes.
(Hanks and Hodges)

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Voth (Vooth, Voodt, Vodt, Voht, Voet, Vogt, Foht, Foth, Fogt, Fodt, Foot)

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