The "We Hate Men (But We Love Them)" Club

"Grab, Twist, and Pull!!!"

MEN ARE SCUM! That's why we've created this site. We are 3 best friends from Connecticut, Jill, Mary, and Julie. We have all had some pretty bad experiences with men and have found that the best way to deal with their sh*t is to share our stories. We invite you to take a look around our site at our various pages of poems, quotes, stories, jokes, songs, etc... We also want you girls to tell us your stories and let it be known to the world. If you have ANYTHING you'd like us to put on this page, please send it to us at Until then, enjoy the page, and remember... Never hesitate to Grab, Twist, and Pull!

* As seen on the Ricki Lake Show on Tuesday, September 17, 2002! Yes, that's right. Jules and I were guests on the Ricki Lake show. We were invited to come and talk about the amazing success of the "We Hate Men" web site. And that success is all thanks to people like YOU! Thanks, ladies! GRAB, TWIST, AND PULL!!!!!


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* Quotes
* Poems
* Songs
* Jokes
* Stories
* What a Prick!
(Includes the ever popular "Sphincter of the Month!")
* Advice
* Jill's six Categories of Prix
* NEW! Letters from Men
* Want some quotes or poems that aren't Man Hating? Visit Mary's site
* Want some practical and somewhat cynical views on the world? Visit Jill's site
* Wanna see another good man-hating site? Visit Laura's site
* It's not always JUST the guys who are jerks; sometimes girls can be psycho, too. Check out Mark's hilarious site

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