Wyldewoode Grove

Green Witcheries & Arts of Olde

* To all who enter these woodes, Bright Blessings! Follow my path of page as I weave a web, and spin a spell of the "Olde Ways". The Ways of the Heathen, the Pagan Folke, when the Spirits of Nature were the only divinity to reckon with, and myth was not yet born. A time before Wicca or Neo-anything had a name. A time when the forest and hills, the rivers and streams, the stones and plants, the creatures and beings of all sorts, and the ever present unknown was LIFE, and life was SPIRIT MANIFEST...A time when the villagers and wanderers and clansmen knew this to be, worshipped this to be, and it was.

The path is story, prose and spell. The woodes, your own imagination. Return to these woodes anyday, and let this "Country Witch" spell you away. Be it only for a moment in time, or be it to stay, the Wyldewoode ever beckons to those that may...Willow, Witch of the Wyldewoode

*To the birds belongs the morning hour; but to us, to you and me, and some of our little brothers of the field and forest, this twilight hour belongs. It is the hour when we think about the things to be. We dream and we listen----listen to the lullaby songs of the trees, to the twilight chorus of the frogs, to the vesper sparrow---to all Mother Nature's evening music we listen and dream, and in the midst of our dreaming stop to ask Mother or Father about things, where things come from and what they are here for. And some things seem so far away, and some things seem so near in this, the twilight hour...
*Last night I went into the forest. Moonbeam fairies brightened the path that leads toward the cathedral and into the woods beyond. I went softly and listened, and I heard the patter, patter of hurrying little feet scurrying over the woodland floor. Now and then I stopped very still and kept so for a few minutes, and saw the little folk who made those faint patterings and rustelings as they went this way and that. A wood-rat sacmpered across my path. Father along, a skunk moved from one log to another...Seven trees and two logs distant, I came upon the flying squirrl fairies. Down thw path fifty paces and two stumps to the right were four dear wood-mice. The night was wonderful. Over my head, the tall fir trees reached upward to the sky. Through their branches, moonbeam fairies came and glorified the tiny mosses and vines. Upon the harp-strings of these forest trees, the wind musicians played sweet lullabies...

Opal Whitley, The Singing Creek Where The Willow Grow, Penguin Books

*Continue on this path as it leads to the WitchesLibrary (text to treasure) , the WyldewoodeSpirits the GreenLady and theSeasonal rites of the Wyldewoode(Guided Meditations), as well as, the WitchesCottage (For Spellcraft) andGarden (Gardencraft) and theVillage Shoppes(Be sure to bring Lady Visa or Master Card!).Visit theGrove (for Other Green Witch contacts) and for enchantments of the shadowy realm, stroll my woodes atnight (this is not a place for children).
*Although the path is clearly marked , at the entrance to these Woodes lies the only complete sign-post. You may return to the Wyldewoode entrance at any time during your journey (you will see the magick portal), or follow the path on as it leads deeper into the Woodes. Enchantments await for those that would...

My grovebook and mailbox are both located in the WyldewoodeGrove

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