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Welcome to my Warhammer Page.

The Empire is the greatest country to exist in
the old world. But the hidden enemy, the cults of chaos
, and the hordes of mutants. Gnaws on its fringes.
Prepare to defend your country against all those hordes of chaos. Warhammer is in my opinion one of the best role playing games out there, so what follows is some of the additions that i have added to the game.

New Careers:
THE FARMER (Ranger Class).
M,WS 10,BS,S,T,W 2,I,A,Dex,Ld,Int 10,Cl 10,WP,Fel

Animal Care. 75% Brewing. 75% Cooking. 75% Drive Cart.
75% Herb Lore. 75% Identify Plant.

Lantern. Rope-10 yards. Slingbad. Leather Jack. 25% of Horse and Cart.

Beggar, Druid, Footpad, Labourer, Rustler.

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