Business seeks IR changes that make executives justify working a 38 hour week


Business seeks IR changes

April 11, 2006

The ACCI is hoping for adjustments to record-keeping provisions in the new WorkChoices legislation. They belive that businesses are concerned about the red tape burden on employers, who need to keep extensive records of the hours worked by senior management.

The Australian Financial Review reported today that the Government would ease requirements to ensure they did not apply any wider than was necessary.

Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ACCI) chief executive Peter Hendy said the issue of time sheets had been of concern for business since the release of the legislation.

"We have been in very constant conversation with the Government about that issue," he told reporters.

"There's obviously a red tape concern with respect to time sheets.

"The Government has stated to us that they will look at the issue and we are waiting with bated breath to see how they address the concerns."

He said the ACCI wanted no increase in red tape under the new regulations.

COMMENT from the Editor of Not Real Happy John:

Why shouldn't be prepared to put up with the same problems as the rest of us?

The ACCI should understand that all small businesses and their workforces will face a lot of red tape because of this terrible legislation that they have hoisted on to us all.

So quite frankly its just too bad if the directors and senior executives of some of the large business groupings that the ACCI represents, also have to face the same hassels (that small businesses and their employies will now have to endure) because of this rotten IR legislation - my heart does not bleed for them!

After all was it not the ACCI's strong backing of this intrusive and unecessary 'cold war era' ideologically driven straightjacket industrial relations legislation (that itself was originally the idea of their own CEO one Peter 'Balaclava Pete' Hendy and his former master Peter 'Children Overboard' Reith) that the Howard government help used to justify this disgusting (so called "Work Choices") IR legislation in the first place?

John Watt

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