Un-Australians of the Year 2006


We nominate the entire board of the Business Council of Australia and the CEO of the ACCI Peter Hendy as 'Unaustralians of the Year' for their strong backing of the Howard Governments' repressive new Industrial Relations Laws. By assisting John Howards Government in taking Australia back to depression era labour relations they have done our country a great diservice and my opinion are not worthy to hold Australian Citizenship.

People used to say go back to Russia to those Australians who believed that the U.S.S.R was some kind of paradise on earth, well all I can say to this lot is that you can all go back to the U.S.A with whose appauling labor relations system (and it would seem a lot else besides) you seem to be so in love with. But remember when you get their to buy a gun as its not real safe in W land with some 80 million poor people living on or below the bread line and some 80 million gun owners - a lethal mix. Poverty breeds crime and rich people who don't share their nations wealth (as in the U.S) make thenselves prisioners in their own little enclaves to survive.

Its your choice you greedy b*stards ! Do you want unlimited money and its trappings and be prisioners of your own greed or do you want to live still in very good circumstances and enjoy your freedom and most importantly be able to look your fellow Australians (who are not so fortunate) in the eye by knowing that you are sharing out the wealth that after all they have largely generated for you in the first place.

The current Business Council of Australia:

Mr Michael Chaney AO, President, Business Council of Australia;

Mr Philip Bullock, CEO & Managing Director, IBM Australia / New Zealand

Mr Tony DAloisio, Chief Executive Officer, Australian Stock Exchange;

Mr Geoff Dixon, Chief Executive Officer, Qantas Airways Limited; (a particularly odious and greedy individual who has been handed his fortune on a plate by the Qantas privatisation and not by his own endeavours)

Mr Greg Gailey, Chief Executive Officer, Zinifex Limited

Mr Angus James, Chief Executive Officer, ABN AMRO;

Ms Katie Lahey, Chief Executive, Business Council of Australia;

Mr Charlie Lenegan, Managing Director, Rio Tinto - Australia;

Mr Rod Pearse, CEO & Managing Director, Boral Limited.


Mr Peter Hendy the CEO of the ACCI ( see http://expage.com/peterhendy )

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