Boise, Idaho's P.T. Cruiser Taxi Service

Call (208) 863-7853

Since all local taxi rates are set by the City of Boise, enjoy these services at no extra cost:

* Boise Airport Pick-Up/Return Service
* Rates from Eagle and Meridian to the Airport
* Senior Citizen Discounts
* Out-of-Town Taxi Rates
* Boise Area Courier/Package Delivery
* Jump Starts
* Business or Social Engagements
* Experienced, Professional Taxi Drivers
* Senior Scrip Program Participant
* Medical/Legal/Liquor Deliveries
* Clean, Air Conditioned Cabs
* Hourly Lease/Tour Rates Available
* Boise's Finest Transportation Service

PT Express Taxi Service of Boise (208) 863-7853
Citywide Express Taxi Service of Boise 863-6458

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