The fate of the last tsar surpasses even fiction with regard to dramatic and tragic occurences, and about a year ago I started reading all I could get hand of (and that's pretty much) about tsar Nicholai II and his family. Tsar Nicholai, his wife and all their 5 children were killed in Ekaterinburgh on the 17th July 1918.
Nicholai had 3 brothers, Alexander died as a baby from pneumonia, Georgi died from Tuberculosis aged 28 (childless), Michail married a commoner and had a son Georg, Count Brassow (1910-1931), who died childless.
So Nicholai's mother Marie (1847-1928) survived her 4 sons, and none of their children had children. But Nicholai also had two sisters Xenia and Olga.
Xenia married Grand Duke Alexander Michailovitch and they had 7 children:
Xenia's descendants
1895-1970 Irina, Princess of Russia, 1 child
(1915-1983) Irina Yossoupov, 1 child
((1942 Xenia Sheremetyeva, 1 child
(((1968 Tatiana Sfiris
1897-1981 Andrei, Prince of Russia, 4 children
(1919 Xenia Romanov
(1920 Michail Romanov
(1923 Andrei Romanov, 3 children
((1953 Alexei Romanov
((1961 Peter Romanov
((1963 Andrew Romanov, 1 child
(((1993 Natasja Romanov
(1950 Olga Romanov, 3 children
((1976 Nicholas Mathew
((1981 Francis-Alexander Mathew
((1981 Alexandra Mathew
1898-1968 Feodor, Prince of Russia, 2 children
(1924 Michail Romanov, 1 child
((1959 Michael Romanov, 1 child
(((1986 Tatiana Romanov
(1934 Irina Romanow, 2 children
((1956 Alain Pelle
((1966 Joelle Soulas
1900-1974 Nikita, Prince of Russia, 2 children
(1923 Nikita Romanov, 1 child
((1974 Theodore Romanov
(1929 Alexander Romanov

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