Santa Cruz High School Class of 1954

The Classy Cards of '54 to Hold 50th Reunion on June 12, 2004

The 50th reunion of the Santa Cruz, Calif., High School Class of 1954 is tentatively set for Saturday, June 12, 2004, which is 50 years to the day and date of our graduation -- Saturday, June 12, 1954. A venue has not been determined.

Instead of our past one-night functions, we are considering turning our 50th reunion into a three- or five-day event.

Since January 2000, the '54 Cardinals have been meeting monthly to socalize, alternating between lunch at Chaminade and dinner at the Hindquarter. As of July 31, 2002, 80 different Cards have attended one or more of our informal affairs, including 38 locals, 28 from other parts of California, 13 from out of state, and 1 from Australia.

We start gathering at 6:30 p.m. for dinner and 11:30 a.m. for lunch. Dates for the remainder of 2002 are:

Aug. 28, Lunch.
Sept. 25, Dinner.
Oct. 30, Lunch.
Nov 20, Dinner.
Dec 18, Lunch.

Attendees so far include:*

Santa Cruz County Residents (38):
Gary Andersen, Lani Ansley-Hall, John Biondi, Pat Camera, Bev Caton-Pinelli, Jeanne Cleveland-Carroll, Nancy Cummings-Jellison, George Domenichelli, Caroline Fisher-Parrish, Lorraine Folk-Voight, Mary Ghio-Stagnaro, Max Groszmann, Marilyn Ingols-Bem; Rod Jensen, Len Klempnauer, Daisy Lawrence-Reed, Layne LeComte, Jun Lee, Maynard Manson, Aldo Mazzei, Alberta Miles-Young, Al Mitchell, Suzi Morris-Zamora, Ruth Nielsen-Mitchell, Nick Pagnini, Melvin Perry, Diana Ray, Darlene Sanders-Biondi, Alice Santos-Ponza, Jim Scoppettone, Carole Skinner-Ray, Merryl Skinner-Carlson, Sharon Steele-Bedell, Lowell Webb, Art Weybright, Bob Wilson and Kathy Work-Donovan.

Other Californians (28):
Phil Baker, Redding; Tom Baker, San Diego; Cookie Barrientos-Ruschin, San Jose; Bill Bartlett, Los Gatos; Bob Branstetter, Santa Rosa; Emma Burris-Turner, Santa Maria; Ada Bushnell-Branstetter, Santa Rosa; Beryl Case-Reichenberg, San Luis Obispo; Marie Dianda-Hudson, Grass Valley; Chuck Filice, Salinas; Charlie Fritz, Alamo; Margaret Ghio-Hartmann, San Francisco; Sharon Grever-Petersen, San Jose; Paul Heaney, Lodi; Carole Hill-Barrish, Cambria; Luella/Joan Kraus-Sweet, Oroville; Nancy McMillan-Geiger, Livermore; Rose Neri-Unger, Los Gatos; Nathan Knight, Fair Oaks, Dianne Morgan, Burbank; Larry Pepper, San Luis Obispo; Bill Pike, Oxnard; Jack Richey, Merced; Ruth Roinestad-Yoder, San Jose; Steve Rowland, Sausalito; Tom Stears, Valley Village; Areka Stevenson-De La Selva, Monterey; Shirley Thuringer-Faux, Fresno; John Yonkman, Redwood City.

Out-of-Staters (14):
Pat Banach-Lowell, Sedona, Ariz; Byron/Joe Bird, Phoenix, Ariz.; Jim Fitzpatrick, Las Vegas, Nev.; Kim Gardner-Harris, Carrolton, Tex.; Joan Good-Head, Myrtle Creek, Ore.; Bob Head, Myrtle Creek, Ore.; Roger Lovato, Camp Verde, Ariz.; Hylan Lyon, Dallas, Tex.; Vada McCray-Lovato, Camp Verde, Ariz.; Bob Sakata, Chapel Hills, N.C.; Val Sherbourne-Dillehay, Reno, Nev.; Terry Simerly, Lakewood, Colo; Jim Zachary, Miama, Fla.; and Judy Malloch-Craig, Australia.

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* Help Save The Cross Roads Drive-In

The Class of '54 has joined members of other SCHS Classes of the 1950s in trying to save the Cross Roads -- a popular drive-in restaurant of that decade -- from the City of Santa Cruz's wrecking ball.

It's to be replaced by a natural history museum, but we want the building preserved and restored and made part of the museum complex.

Fifties' Cards from throughout the U.S. have written to City Hall and the Sentinel newspaper asking that the drive-in be spared.

Details on the Save the Cross Roads crusade, including excerpts from some of the letters to City Hall, photographs and news coverage of the campaign, can be found at:

For more information on any of the above, contact Len Klempnauer at:

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Help Save the Cross Roads Drive-In in Santa Cruz, Calif.

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