The League of Rights Man in Canberra: Senator Ross Lightfoot (Western Australia)


The League of Rights Man in Canberra : Liberal Party Senator Ross Lightfoot (Western Australia)

More recently known for his armed foray into Northern Iraq cluching a bag of money for the Kurdish militias (on behalf he claimed of Woodside Petroleum) Senator Ross Lightfoot (WA) is truely a scary individual.

He created an uproar when he told Federal Parliament in one of his first speaches that Aborigines were the bottom colour of the civilisation spectrum.

Lightfoot's vendetta against Aborigines began soon after he entered the WA parliament in 1987. A constant theme in his speeches was that Aborigines are at the bottom of the evolutionary scale and uncivilised.

We should not turn back the clock and push these people back to the stone age, to their superstitions, their killings and their dreadful way of life ... The only answer is assimilation, Lightfoot told state parliament.

In a 1993 speech, Lightfoot continued: No Aborigines in Australia prior to white settlement had ever formed a civilised community ... As a civilised nation, I do not know whether we could accept Aboriginal culture ... I hold no guilt for what happened to the Aboriginal people, and black children can have no guilt for what happened to the early white settlers, who were killed or mutilated.

When a 1995 ATSIC report recommended that Aboriginal culture be taught in school, Lightfoot ranted: We will be forced to study a culture that some people find distasteful in our schools. I find this preposterous!

He is on record as being opposed compensation for the stolen generation. In fact, he said: I have been with Aborigines all my life, and they said to me that they would have amounted to nothing had they not been removed from their less than acceptable environment.

Lightfoot has openly associated with the Australian League of Rights (ALR), an avowedly anti-Semitic and racist organisation formed by pro-Hitler elements in Australia during the 1940s. The ALR believes the Nazis' mass murder of Jews is a myth, that Asians and Africans are inferior to whites and that land rights for Aborigines is a communist plot.

Responding to charges of ALR influence in the WA Liberal Party, Lightfoot said in 1994: Let me refer members to the policies of the League, which include adopting an immigration policy that prevents social fragmentation and friction, imposing a limit on non-European immigrants to a rate at which they can be assimilated, and holding a referendum on immigration policy. Many Australians from all sides would agree with that policy.

He has also lent his name to international campaigns by the US neo-fascist cult controlled by convicted fraud Lyndon LaRouche. Local LaRouchites control the Citizens Electoral Councils (CEC), which promote anti-Aboriginal racism and anti-Semitism.

They believe a conspiracy exists between world Jewry, British intelligence and the British royal family to flood the world with drugs and p%rnography, and to provoke the imminent collapse of the world economic system.

Despite Lightfoot's far-right views being well known, he was selected by the WA Liberal Party for a Senate vacancy in 1995. Incredibly after his election he was invited to join the Coalition's Aboriginal affairs backbench committee, which formulates policy.

The WA Liberals seem to have a soft spot for the ALR. In 1995 the WA state council defeated a motion that would have made association with the ALR incompatible with membership of the Liberal Party.

Ian Viner, a former Liberal Party president and minister in the Fraser government said When you consider the number of members on the council who are either associated with or share the views of the League of Rights then it is not so surprising that the motion lost.

According to University of Queensland academic Richard Brockett, writing in the Electronic Journal of Australian and New Zealand History, in the late 1960s and 1970s the ALR and its front groups -- with its anti-Semitic and anti-worker conspiracy theories, involving an international plot by Jewish bankers and Fabian socialists to wipe out the family farm -- gained a strong base among Coalition supporters in the Bush and today they still have enormas influence particularly within the South Australian and Western Australian Divisions of the Liberal Party.

The League of Rights Man in Canberra : Senator Ross Lightfoot (WA Liberal Party) in trouble again ?

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