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Hello, this is an anonymous citizen telling you, the people, the truth about the very world we live in. Throughout the following website, you might be disturbed by some of the facts that you see. But just keep an open mind and try to comprehend them. Now, let's begin.

There are a few organizations devoted to taking over the world. One of which is the organization of ADOC, or more commonly known as, the organization of BNA, Now don't be alarmed, even though we see them everyday, there plan is not going to be put into action until January 24th 2023. That is to say, in BNA time. In our time that is roughly December 14th 2012. There is only one way to stop the BNA. This way is to construct a GHY out of PLA, if you don't understand that, which most people don't, a BDF constructed of GH2 would work just fine. If none of this makes sense, leave this sight now. The GNA are absolutely devoted to the study of anti-constypulentalyn, or A/CT. Now, right now your probably thinking "that isn't a word..." if so, you don't know very much about this topic and should leave the site now. Now, if you don't have any polymer TC4 to build your BDF, just use someone elses. And now, coming from the files of SHOCO, is our weekly alien sighting:

at around 10pm 2 months ago i was looking out my window (i was actually looking for my cat that had ran out the door) when i saw this strange thing in the sky as soon as i seen it i just grabbed my digital camera and took a picture....after i took the picture i turned round to give the camera to my girlfriend....looked back and it was gone.....there was no noice just total silence.
Glasgow Scotland

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