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Have you joined the Ryan Stiles Webring? Well if you haven't, and you have a page just about Ryan, or a Whose Line page in Mark's Whose Line Webring, join, because I, Slick Rodney am the ringmaster. So please go to:

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Don't you just LOVE Whose Line is it Anyway? Drew, Ryan and them? Aren't they the best? Well make a site that dedicates itself to Whose Line.

Please watch Whose line is it Anyway? It is on at 8:00 and 8:30 Thursday Night. That is American:). British is on Comedy Central 3:00 weekdays,8:00,8:30,9:00 and 9:30. Every Tuesday Night.
I introduce the characters of Whose Line is it Anyway?
Ryan Stiles,
Colin Mocriche,
Wayne Brady,
Brad Sherwood,
Greg Proops,
Denny Siegil, AND
Joise Lawence.
Whom ever does not like Whose Line, GET OUT!

Whose Line started out in England 1988 as Clive Anderson Host and all the 4 performers were people who don't do Whose Line anymore.
Ryan Stiles started Whose Line in 1990.
Wayne Brady started in the last British season of 98`.
Greg Proops started in 1988 and is still around.
Colin started his time of Whose Line in 1990.
Brad Sherwood started in 1993.
Denny Siegil started in 1999, the first American season.
Joise started in 1988 and is still around.
Clive Anderson was host for 10 years, Hosting only the British, and Drew Carey started in 1998 and will hopefully go on as long as it can(:

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Whose Line is it Anyway? The greatest improv show ever! Please listen to my shrine of Whose Line?

Ryan,Colin and Greg are the best,
They just beat, all the rest,
They have big fun,
But they always are on the run!

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