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Sup, y'all? Thanx ya much for visiting. I know you'll
like this site if ya like clogging. It's mostly an
insight on the Teays River Clogger's Team. But thier are some other pretty cool things in this site. So check'em all out and have fun. Also, could you PLEEZ sign my guestbook at the bottom of this page. I'd really appreciate it. Thanx. By the way,... here's some info on my team!...

First off. We've got about twenty people in the group. And we have 4 different divisions of age, level, and difficulty in each.Little Dears,Pee-Wees,Junior Team, and the Adults. Each group with their different styles, likes, and difficulties.

The Little Dears group ranges from the age 2 to age 4. The Pee-Wee's range from age 5 to 10. Ages 11 to 18 is the Junior Team. And 19 on up is the Adults.

Our director is Mrs. Betty Stickel,C.C.I., from South Bloomfield,OH. She teaches all 4 teams.

Now you have a general knowledge of the Teays River Cloggers. Please continue on!


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