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Welcome to my little corner of the web! My name is Marianne Cashman and I am a Speech Language Teacher in the Binghamton City School District in Upstate New York. I've been a School-Based Speech Pathologist for 10 years. I love working in the schools and continue to be amazed by the changing dynamics of my caseload. Each year there seems to be a new challenge and a reason to learn more! I wanted to create a place where SLP's could help each other. I hope this website will turn out to be a place where we can all learn from each other.

* ALL SLP's are welcome here - not just those based in the school setting! There are great ideas being used in all work settings!

* If you have ideas to share, please email me at the address below. This site will constantly be UNDER CONSTRUCTION.THIS SITE CAN ONLY CONTINUE TO GROW IF YOU SEND IN AN IDEA:)After a year of maintaining this site, I have only received 6 ideas. I think there are more great ideas waiting out there!


BA in Speech and Language Pathology from SUNY Cortland. MS Degree in Speech Pathology from Ithaca College in New York. I worked for a year at a Rehabilitation Center and obtained my CCC's from ASHA. In that setting I worked with clients ages 18 months to elderly adults, comprising every area of Speech Language therapy imaginable. I got a taste of it all! Following that I worked for five years at Broome Developmental Center in Binghamton, New York. My work there focused on augmentative communication, sign language and social communication with a developmentally delayed adult population. Since 1992 I have been employed in the Binghamton City School District. I am certified through New York State as a Teacher of the Speech and Hearing Handicapped. I also am a New York State licensed Speech Language Pathologist.


This site is dedicated to the people who make my world a happy place: Mike, Courtney, Abbey and Shannon ( Courtney - I put you first this time!)LOVE YOU GUYS!!


NEW OFFER!!!! Do you like my lesson plans? If you would like a copy of 50 of my lesson plans, please send your name, address, and a $15.00 check to: Marianne Cashman 716 Chenango Street, Binghamton, NY 13901.These plans consist of therapy activities related to a book and/or song. The plans are focused mainly on Kindergarten age students - but can be adapted for preschool through first grade students.Questions? Email me!




THERAPY IDEA PAGES - click on these links to find ideas!
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* Language TherapyIdeas
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* Social Language/Pragmatics TherapyIdeas
* Deaf and Hard of Hearing TherapyIdeas
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* Voice TherapyIdeas
* Stuttering TherapyIdeas
* Augmentative CommunicationIdeas
* Co-TeachingIdeas
* School-Wide ProgramIdeas
* Caseload ChallengesIdeas
* Push-In TherapyIdeas
* Better Speech and Hearing MonthIdeas


* STASHLA Articles - I write articles for the Southern Tier Area Speech Hearing Language Association - check them out here


*Please email me your ideas!!

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