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TORCH (Traditions Of Roman Catholic Homes) is a non-profit, national network of home schooling families. There are dozens of TORCH chapters throughout the US. This Web page is maintained as a service to the members of the local chapter in Springfield, Virginia and vicinity. Our local chapter is "The Holy Family."

We welcome new members and especially those families who are considering home schooling as an alternative to traditional public and/or private schooling. Please e-mail us with any questions or comments at the address found at the bottom of this Web page.

Happy Home Schooling!
John R. Rossi,
Chapter Co-coordinator

PS (typical caveats and disclaimers):
(1) TORCH is not responsible for, nor has any control over, any advertising that appears on these Web pages. If you see something advertised that you are interested in, please consider these products and vendors since the sponsors who advertise here enable us to have a free web site.

(2) Due to the proliferation and complexity of web sites, as well as the possibility of malicious hacking, it is not feasible for me to review (or be responsible for) the contents of all sites linked to from these pages. I include links to sites which may be of interest to us Catholic Home Schoolers. I should state, however, that TORCH is not responsible for the contents of any external site linked to from here either directly or indirectly, unless specifically stated. If you have any questions, please contact me at JEJMD@juno.com

Thank you,
John R. Rossi

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