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Surely they are fundamental things would that not be one of the things in the brief? And then, wouldnt you say We have this problem in Sydney at the moment that perhaps some of the container terminals are going to go but we have working harbour infrastructure that must be housed and not shunted all over the harbour to down behind the Glebe. Weve got the Sydney Heritage Fleet tucked away down there, were pushing them all over the place, weve got Cockatoo which surely may end up being part of the Maritime Museum but weve got a Maritime Museum further down in Darling Harbour where you cant swing a cat, and I dont mean a catamaran, and out in Yagoona we have acres of workshops out there and warehouse for all the boats of the history of this State sitting out there.

Now all Im saying is that surely planning departments, or the agents of planning departments - so called foreshore authorities should be so in touch with all of these issues that they can put very simply a brief to the best creative minds that the world has that says first off These are the simple requirements in our dreams for this city on four simple sheets, not with expensive models worth hundreds of thousands of dollars. Give us what your basic ideas are then we can judge all these variety of ideas. Should the foreshore line continue in the same line, what about the model of Hobart, Constitution Dock with all of its fishing boats, what about the pattern of the finger wharves further round in Walsh Bay? One may not agree with the changes on the buildings, but my God that pattern is so strong and so beautiful with its water courtyards. Weve got nine hundred metres of straight foreshore line down that site in West Rocks Docks, but if you indented it in a really simple and quite formal way and picked up the queues from the finger wharves youd get nearly three times that and each of those water courts which are simply set up and serviced by a beautiful modern building can have different uses.

So my input into this meeting is that I believe we should go back to square one and I think we should consider what the real problems and possibilities are with our harbour and we should start again.

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