* genfairfor a whole lot of "Willey" info.


For even more "Willey" info


* Old Dolly was the first heavy horse I worked with, a Welsh Cob, a glutton for work with a hair trigger.


* The family * [Family history snippits 840 to date] to my mind as a youngster growing up in the country seemed a never ending timeless * unit. [An introducton and some historical details of the Willeys's plus genealogical data 899 to the 1700's]

* While each member put a different meaning to their own part * within the family history.this page soon filled and this is the way to go * [Genealogical data 1700's to 1800's]

* The Village's part in this feeling of history * made it a good place to be. [Genealogical data 1900 to date]

*For the American connection see * for information about family members who fought with Cornwallis in 1781 at Yorktown.

* for a look at the family's history in the U.S.A from 1750 onwards. *

* More back ground information *

* A B C listings includes some info for "Willey's"

* Leicestershire information of interest to the "Willey's"

*Leicestershire and Rutland family history society for a whole lot of help and support in chasing family roots [including "Willey's"]


Further sites to help with genealogy research;-
General help with research
Ships lists for passengers
Find a grave in Leicestershire
Poor Law Unions or Workhouses for Leicestershire.


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