aganism past and present (by barry stevens)

description of paganism from the ancient celts to todays modern witch

i would like to state these pages are not anti- christian and i am definitely not anti- christian i have only told history the way it happened


Some say paganism is as old as the earth its self cave paintings show horned beings and ancient symbols animals where worshipped for there magickal meanings and uses.
Huge stone structures where built to worship the gods and goddesses many where built to be in line with the moon and the sun movments through out the year, ancient pagans as the Celt s would celebrate the years festivals as the wheel of the year turned and went full circle so life could be reborn and the ever turning spirit of nature could continue in the early beginings of human evalotion pagans would not worship in exactly the same way as pagans do today for example humans where much more simple then and not as intelectually advanced as of modren man and would not have knowlage of complicated rituals and spells that todays witches freqently do under the moons and stars of our forests and countryside, one thing is for sure man at that time they where very aware of the natures elements of earth, air, fire,water, and knew that these magickal spirits could be used to there advantage or to cure someone elses ills or just find there own inner selves.
Pagan cultures are in most societys on the worlds map the word pagan comes from the roman word paganus meaning country dweller meaning a pagan is a worshiper of nature, diffrent pagan cultures such as the native americans, the egyptions, the aboridgonies of australia, the celtic druids ,voodoo witch doctors, the medievl witch, the greeks, the romans all who worshiped gods and goddesses the greeks and romans where not witches and in most pagan cultures not all are witches such as the celtic druids were all pagan because of there beliefs in nature as there maker they would have clan leaders and there witches such as high priests and preistesses as they still do today.
past pagans have been both welcomed and persecuted in the past as they are today which i will go into in more detail later on in this page.


as man developed and advanced so did there curiosity and they started to ask questions such as where did i come, from why am i hear, and what happens to me after death, this would have been their first walk on the path of paganism, such as the centarys when on so did there knowlage of the gods and goddesses and of nature spirits they realized the elements of nature could change the realities of there time and this knowlage was only shared with family and close friends this secrecy is still practised today such as in covens and even the solitary witch will not share there magickal knowlage with just anyone and so pagans lived worshipping natures seasons and cycles this carried on up until paganism was the largest religion on the earth this being the roman empire as the pagan beliefs spread over the world another religion was also beginning to emerge the religion of christianity.


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