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A page created for my enjoyment of the show

Hiho there and welcome to my page.
This is just a page of links and stuff that I like
After some thinking I thought that it would be tidier to have a seperate page for links, the werewolf links however are moved to the werewolf page and I added a few links on to the list,the misc. links that have nothing to with BWOC have been moved to my info page about me,and the Brandon links have been moved to the page about him, If their not in it now, I'll have them up soon.

* check out my Brandon Quinn part of my page
* fanfics(coz i love em)
* Big Wolf, the myth behind the show
* Quotes
* Did it dawn on you
* Character Descriptions
To find out more about me check this out


Thats a lot tidier(hope I've everyones sites here)


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