wow! what can i say? i hadn't been back to this page (or any expage for that matter) in almost a year! for fun i decided to see how this site was doing, and was completely surprised to see it was still popular as ever! it makes me happy to see that what started out as a cute inside joke between kathy and i, turned into something b.o.b.'s everywhere can have fun with! i decided since this page hasn't been updated in over a year, i would completely re-do it! so sit tight, and soon enough you'll have a better-than-ever b.o.b. site! ;D thanx guys!

im sure everyone is thinking 'what the hell is a b.o.b.? b.o.b. stands for best online buddy. b.o.b. is something my friend kathy and i made up as an inside joke a while ago. we have been really good friends for the past 2 years... and we met online! she knows more about me then a lot of my real-life friends. we are really close, and i am so happy that i met her! i know a lot of people that have a e-buddy they feel the same way about. so if you have a friendship online like ours, paste the codes below on your page! you can have as many b.o.b's as your want, and they don't have to have a site! so get to pasting, and let everyone know who YOUR b.o.b. is!

[just replace "kathy" with your b.o.b.]

kathy is my b.o.b.

me & kathy are b.o.b.'s

kathy is MY b.o.b. who's yours?

shorter url: bob.fizz.nu
get your own short url free of ads free of cost here ;D

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