Our Princesses
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March, 2004
Easter, 2004
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September, 2003
August, 2003
4th of July
May, 2003

Megan, Sally and Madison
Church portrait, July, 2003

Sally, Megan and Madison
Halloween, 2002
October, 2002

Sally Anne
Amy's flower girl
This was taken at Amy's wedding in March, 2003.

Though there is a ten year age difference between Megan and the twins, it would be hard to find sisters tighter than these three.  Megan is, to quote Brittany Spears, "Not a girl, not yet a woman" and the twins, to quote Jerry Seinfeld, are "like blenders without the lid on".  But what blessings they all three are.  We are cherishing every single moment, for they are all growing way to quickly.

Madison Heaton
Sweet Maddie
The baby of the family, born October 8, 1999

Megan is just finishing 8th grade (honor society) and getting ready for an exciting first year of high school!  She loves volleyball, skating, reading, animals and friends.  She is "hip", happy, and very loved.
Sally is 3 years old and quite a strong little soul.  She adapts rather quickly to certain situations.  She is attached to her Barney doll, "Beau", the one she has had since she was one year old.  She wants to be a ballerina, she loves honey buns and fruit loops, and she is precious.
Madison, also 3 years old, is very loving and sensitive.  She loves cats and shoes.  She wants to be a princess, she loves to give big hugs and kisses, and she is absolutely adorable.

Megan Elizabeth

Megan, spring of 8th grade
Beautiful young lady

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