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How To Be Safe From Crime On The Street, Home,

On Trips, At Work, And At School

Waking the Tiger Within teaches you the

following concepts of Self-Defense:

  •  * How to stop an attacker in one second
  •  * Your right to defend yourself
  •  * Awareness training to avoid attack 
  •  * Mental Conditioning for Combat
  •  * How to bring out your built in Fighting Instinct
  •  * Home Defense (Security Systems, Locks)
  •  * Stop an attacking co-worker
  •  * Dealing with "Road-Rage"
  •  * How to defend against a gang-attack
  •  * Child safety (Anti-Abduction techniques)
  •  * Step-by-step Street Fighting Techniques
                             * 136 Pages *

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        your personal security in all aspects of your life

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